Working bred German Shepherd puppies. Family raised
NJ German Shepherd Breeder
NJ German Shepherd Breeder
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Kingspring Shepherds
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NJ German Shephard Puppies
NJ German Shepherd puppy
Family german shepherds
NJ german shepherd breeder

Welcome to Kingspring Shepherds
A working German Shepherd Breeder located in Hunterdon County NJ,  just minutes from Pennsylvania.
Our goal is health and temperament first.
Seven years of careful breeding puppies have produced highly intelligent puppies and dogs with great temperaments.
We produce healthy working and family type German Shepherd Dogs.
Our dogs are our pets first. Our puppies are raised in the house with young children and cats. I will provide training tips at the time you pick up your puppy. All of our dogs are AKC registered, puppies included. 

At Kingspring Shepherds our pets are our family too. I have bachelors in animal science and work as a veterinary technician so I know how important genetics is to the overall health of the dog. It is always heartbreaking to see a young dog with health problems that could have been prevented by responsible breeding.
Our goal is to produce healthy loving dogs that can become a part of your family also. Our dogs live with us in our house with our children and cats. If you are interested in developing or continuing a hobby in obedience, agility, tracking, or Schutzhund one of our puppies is exactly what you are looking for. Our dogs are working dogs that can hold up to the mental and physical stress of these sports. 
Great News! Both Oona and Trixie's Degenerative Myelopathy results are back. They are in the 52% of German shepherds that are normal. This means that she does not carry the mutation that causes this devastating disease. See an explanation of this test at

On Feb 28th  '09Aira showed her bravery and intelligence while on a walk with one of her human friends Coleene. Aira and Eta were playing in a field off lead when they spotted a bear. This time of year bears can be very dangerous. Both dogs stopped in their tracks and stayed very still. Coleene didn't know why they stopped so she kept on walking. Aira grabbed the back of her pantleg and pulled her back. At this time Coleene saw the bear. She immediately left the field with the dogs placing themselves between her and the bear. Fortunately there was no confrontation, but we were very proud of our 2 girls that day for showing their intelligence and bravery.

J puppy trying to blend in. March '11
Home raised and bred NJ German Shepherd puppies
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NJ German Shepherd Breeder
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